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MMUK MAN Mineral Mud Mask - 120ml

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Mud masks are used to cleanse and clear the skin, from deep within. An essential part of any grooming routine, to encourage a complexion that is toned and clear. Super charge your skin with MMUKmans Mineral Mud Mask and cleanse your skin to be brighter and firmer. The formulated mask allows for 4 full face applications and can be used 1-2 times a week. Should this be your first try at a mask, allow yourself the comfort of 1 application a week until you feel sure to increase that to 2 applications. Mud masks are great at providing a vacuum effect to the skin. They work with active ingredients to literally extract the oil, dirt and impurities from your skin and from deep within your pores. Youll find a huge group of men have large pores across the face. The nose area is often the crash site for this skin impurity and using a mud mask will provide the optimal assisting at extraction. To use correctly first cleanse your skin with a facial wash/gel. With damp skin on show, apply a layer of the mask to the face. Youll notice the product will begin to change colour and dry on the face, which is exactly what it is intended to do. Allow this to happen and around 20 minutes is the optimum time to remove the mask to receive the best results. Wash the mask of with warm water and pat the skin dry with a fresh towel. Mud masks are effective, but at the same time extremely aggressive to the skin with extraction. This means moisture is suctioned out along with impurities and will leave you skin exposed once removed. It is advised as a hydration hack to consumer a large glass of water 30 minutes before applying your mud mask and then again after the removal. Youll find your skin will remain plump and better hydrated. Once the skin is pat dried, you should ALWAYS apply a moisturiser, or follow with your usual toner, serum skincare routine. You skin will be eft bare so ensure the use of a moisturiser to provide a protective barrier over the face. This will encourage the retention of moisture in the skin. The formula contains many ingredients to provide you with the luxury deep pore purifying abilities. Inside youll find pure artic mineral mud (the key to this premium mask) and avocado/grapeseed oils. These combined together form the skin healing and clearing properties. Youll notice your skin is brighter upon the use and removal of this mask. Acne flareups are treated and targeted, reducing inflammation and potential future breakouts. Your skin if left toned, firmer and revitalised. The product works for any aged skin and is the ultimate in clarifying masks on the market today. MMUKman make their products for men, they provide luxury formulas that are kind to the skin and promote the health and general well being of your skin. A revolutionary skin reinforcer that is fragrance free and contains no filters. The use of this masks also improves the quality of other MMUKman skincare and cosmetics used on the skin.


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MMUK MAN Mineral Mud Mask - 120ml - MaleSkin Luxe

MMUK MAN Mineral Mud Mask - 120ml